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Amongst The Treetops 

A home that is built with the Pacific Coasts Sunset's in mind.  This Broadview home sits on a lush hillside high above Puget Sound with sweeping views of Port Madison and Agate Point.

Traditional Modern Project | Broadview, Seattle WA 

Have you ever heard of a “Forest Home”? Sounds pretty ideal to us.  Well this Kilburn Architects designed home exemplifies what it means to live amongst the treetops while still having the comforts of city living.  Located 20 minutes north of Downtown Seattle this home sits 350 feet above the water on to a steep overgrown incline giving the owners "the sense that they are watching the sunsets form the treetops".

Constantine Drone 1.jpg

We worked with the homeowners to ensure that the space functioned as they had always envisioned,  which culminated in the awe-inspiring indoor/outdoor spaces seen in this home.  Featuring Ultra Series TerraSpan Lift & Slide Doors with alder interior casements to create seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living this home truly embodied what it is to live on the west coast.


With the abundance of West facing windows we were faced with the architectural challenge of bringing the morning light into the home as the sun rose on the front of the house.  After working with closely Kilburn Architects we were able to find an 'out of the box' solution, (a triangular solution to be exact). This custom made triangle window sits at the peak of the ceiling where the light is first to hit the house in the morning bathing the kitchen in the warm glow of the morning.

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