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A modern take on the traditional Sunshine Coast cabin, Avant-Oceanside is as visually unique as the stunning surroundings. Moving beyond the expected, this weekend getaway falls away into the forested greenery, creating a delicate and airy experience from your first steps towards the VistaLuxe entrance. 

Traditional Project | Sunshine Coast, British Columbia   

As you walk from the delicate and dreamy entrance the windows transport you into a sweeping view of the ocean. The oversized panels create an indoor-outdoor feeling with ultra-wide sliding doors to truly capture this essence. The rear exterior is perched on natural stone and rocky beach.

Paris low Res-2.jpg
Paris Res-1.jpg

The blue-grey trim encapsulates the exterior design, perfectly fitting the home into the natural surroundings. The reflections from the windows create a sense of entrancement, allowing the outdoor living space to feel disconnected from the realities of day-to-day.

Paris Res-7.jpg
Paris Res-2.jpg
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