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6 Tips for Incorporating Windows Into Your Bathroom Design:

Between balancing privacy, space planning and creating a sense of calm, designing a spa-like bathroom can be challenging, especially when incorporating windows and doors into these (usually) tight spaces. As window and door experts - that have seen a lot of amazing bathrooms in our time - these are our top 6 tips for getting the most out of your bathroom design and maximizing light.

Read on to discover the best ways to incorporate windows and doors into your bathroom design.


1. Design from the Outside, In:

Design by @studioamarchitects, built by @esmbinc, captured by @bujoustudios

The first thing to consider in placing and selecting window styles for your sweet retreat is to determine sight lines - What is on the other side of the bathroom wall? What will the view be out the window? (and more importantly) Who will be able to see into the window?

Based on this you can make all kinds of decisions to best suit your needs. Sightlines will help determine privacy needs within the space (as a private area of your home, you'll want to make sure you're extra comfy here). To prevent any primary sightlines in or out of the space that could result in you putting on an unintended show, pretend you are looking in from the outside and imagine what you want people outside to be able to see. Or alternatively, focus on the view outwards and what you want to capture!

Design by @studioamarchitects, built by @esmbinc, captured by @bujoustudios

2. Add A Picture Window:

Windows & doors from Kolbe Windows, built by Go On Construction.

Do you want to capture that amazing view but your bathroom is missing that 'designated' window spot? Add a large picture window behind a freestanding tub or inside a walk-in shower for a luxurious feel.

By adding a picture window to your space you get to enjoy the beauty that surrounds your home without sacrificing functionality. This large picture window has mulled awning windows across the top to let moisture escape and add a natural warmth to the otherwise cool space. Picture-style windows create a moment of awe for you to enjoy while simultaneously soaking in a bubble bath.

Windows & doors from @kolbewindows, built by @naturalbalancehomes, and designed by @fdvarch.

3. When In Doubt, Do A Skinny Window:

Windows & doors from Kolbe Windows, built by HR Pacific, photographed by Dave Best Photography

Are you more restricted with sightlines due to neighbours or communal areas? Having a narrow window that runs along the upper half of the wall will provide the bathroom with natural light but will not let onlookers peer into your bathroom ensuring your privacy. These 'skinny windows' can be custom manufactured in nearly any size and have multiple opening options, including awning, push-out or crank-out operations, allowing moisture out and fresh air in.

4. Get Frosty:

Windows & doors from Kolbe Windows, built by Wilson Miller & Co, and photographed by Bujou Studios.

If you are looking to bring in as much natural light as possible but still want to retain as much privacy as possible, using frosted glass specifications lets light in but prevents people from seeing directly into the space. With frosted glass, you can choose from a variety of finishes to fit the other materials and mood of your bathroom to ensure it is the perfect fit for you. These windows can also be configured to open, encouraging the movement of air throughout the space without compromising privacy.

Our windows can be customized to nearly any design, allowing you to choose whether you'd have just one area frosted, or the entire window.

5. Connect with Your Surroundings:

Windows & doors from @kolbewindows, designed by ⁣@alexvothdesign & built by @westpeakdevelopments.

Do you want a show-stopping bathroom that you spend all your time in? Providing access to the exterior of your home through beautiful sliding doors provides both a mental and physical connection to the natural world surrounding your home. To really elevate the design, opt for pocketing sliding doors to maximize flow between the indoors and outdoors or out-swing French doors if your patio space allows for it.

Picture enjoying your morning coffee on the deck while your bath runs next to you, seamlessly enjoying both the morning fresh air and relaxing in the bath or shower. The serenity this view and easy escape provides to the user is unmatched and specially crafted Kolbe doors consistently create this feeling.

Windows & doors from @kolbewindows, designed by ⁣@trincaarchitecture, built by MDM Solutions General Contractors and photographed by @fyfefoto.

6. Change It Up with Curves:

Windows & doors from Kolbe Windows, Designed by Jason Skladan from Skladan Architecture, and built by Mac LaPorte from MKL Homes.

Feeling like the traditional style is not for you or your home? Design tip number 6 is "change it up". Kolbe windows come in all shapes and sizes and can even be curved. By including a curved window the viewpoint changes as well as the mood possessed by the rest of the interior. Including curves in design create a softer and more peaceful space by breaking down the harshness of perpendicular lines and embracing the tranquillity of curvature.


Want to know more about working with the Kolbe Gallery by Finestra team? Get in touch with us here to explore our full range of fully customizable window and door solutions.

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