From folding doors to specialty windows, we have a solution for all of your project needs.

Kolbe crafts artisan-quality windows and doors from premium materials such as wood, extruded aluminum, and Glastra®. Custom options are available as well. Please review our offerings then call, come into our showroom, or contact us for more information.

VistaLuxe AL Line

The VistaLuxe AL Line offers a full selection of thermally broken, all-aluminum windows and doors that emphasize clean lines, coordinated profiles, and stylish functionality.

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VistaLuxe WD Line

VistaLuxe Collection windows and doors were developed in collaboration with architects to meet the needs of contemporary projects offering clean lines and large expanses of glass.

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Ultra Series

Ultra Series windows and doors offer the ultimate in beauty and durability. An array of customizable options make it possible to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements you have for your home.

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Heritage Series

Heritage Series windows and doors feature wood to the interior and exterior. They are aesthetically appealing and historically accurate for renovation projects.

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Forgent® Series

Forgent Series windows are constructed of Glastra®, a proprietary material formulated for strength and resilience. Limited options and short lead times for projects requiring windows and doors quickly make the Forgent Series a perfect choice for new construction or replacement.

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Kolbe builds premium-quality casement and awning windows, double and single hungs, sliding windows, as well as bay and bow windows. We offer direct set windows, stand-alone radius windows, operating windows with radius tops, and geometric shapes. We even offer convenient folding windows.


Casements open easily from the side and provide excellent ventilation. They are energy efficient because they seal tightly to the frame when closed, which prevents air infiltration.

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Awnings open at the bottom, for ventilation even in mist or light rain. When closed, effective weather-stripping helps create a tight and efficient seal.

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Double Hungs

Double hung windows have two sash – one above the other – that operate by sliding up and down. Double hungs offer a cottage-type atmosphere and are often embellished with divided lites.

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Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are windows with two or three sash which slide horizontally to operate. This makes them popular for use in tight spaces. In some cases, the sash can be removed for cleaning from the indoors.

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Corner Windows

Corner windows in a variety of degrees allow expansive views, with a crisp, contemporary aesthetic.

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Direct Sets

Direct Sets are designed for projects that do not require operating windows. The glass is set directly into the frame, maximizing the viewing area and allowing a great deal of daylight into a room.

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Folding Windows

Folding windows create expansive openings and are available in many operational configurations. They use the same basic hardware as folding doors and provide a graceful pass-through to the outdoors.

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Radius windows are available as stand-alone full-circles and ovals. Half-circles, quarter-circles and ellipticals can be installed as stand-alone units or stacked and mulled with other windows.

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Geometric Windows are available in a wide variety of shapes. They can be stand-alone units or they can be mulled and/or stacked with other windows to create unique configurations.

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Bay Windows

Capture light and fresh air from various angles by combining three or more windows that create a scenic panorama in your home. Flank one or more stationary windows with venting casements or double hungs.

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Kolbe’s quality-crafted sliding and swinging patio doors, entrance doors, as well as multi-slides, TerraSpan® lift & slides and folding doors. Kolbe even offers radius-top doors, and entry systems with transoms and sidelites. After reviewing the offerings, call, come into our showroom, or contact us for more information.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors slide from side to side to provide convenient access to the outdoors. Mull together with stationary door panels to create wider views.

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Multi-Slide Doors

Kolbe’s multi-slide doors provide attractive aesthetics, ease of operation, and superior quality. Configuration options include stacking, pocketing, bi-parting and one-way units.

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TerraSpan® Lift & Slide

The revolutionary TerraSpan® lift & slide doors stack or pocket up to ten panels for highly expansive openings, merging outdoor areas with indoor living space for up to 60 feet of panoramic views.

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Folding Doors

Merge outdoor and indoor space by using folding doors. Panels can be folded to one side, split and folded to either side, or floating.

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Swinging Patio Doors

Swinging patio doors swing in or out to provide convenient access to the outdoors. Corresponding radius or transom units can allow even more light to illuminate your home.

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Entrance Doors

Your home will give a grand first impression with a Kolbe entrance door. Whether inswing or outswing, a one-of-a-kind door is possible with a nearly infinite amount of options.

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Commercial Doors

Commercial doors provide accessible design features, as well as hardware for emergency exit situations, all with tailor-made style, function and durability that are critical for commercial projects.

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Fiberglass Doors

Kolbe offers fiberglass doors with 7 wood grain textures or smooth skins, with or without raised panels. There are many panel styles, finishes and hardware options.