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River Cafe Restaurant

This iconic Calgary restaurant has a menu that is only matched by it's atmosphere, featuring Kolbe Ultra Series Folding Doors + Windows that create seamless indoor / outdoor dinning experiences whether your sitting by the patio or along any of the table-side windows. 

Large Scale Renovation | Prince's Island Park, Calgary AB.

Welcome to River Cafe, an iconic Calgary restaurant that's menu is only matched by the atmosphere. Serving not only regional Canadian cuisine, River Cafe's use of @kolbewindows serves drool worthy views of Prince's Island Park (Calgary's version of Central Park for anyone unfamiliar with it) and the Bow River. Tables are placed along Kolbe Ultra Series Folding Doors + Windows, perfectly pairing with the Canadian rustic design.

Kolbe x River Cafe-23.jpg
Kolbe x River Cafe-25.jpg

The restaurant is well known for its windows -- a rare occurrence for any restaurant -- as guests can slide open their own window and feel the warm breeze of Calgary summers while sipping a Pinot Noir and enjoying the park views. The open concept atmosphere blends the rustic dinning room design with its elegant + airy patio.


No matter where you sit, you're sure to have an amazing view.

Kolbe x River Cafe-12.jpg
Kolbe x River Cafe-24.jpg
Kolbe x River Cafe-6.jpg
Kolbe x River Cafe-21.jpg
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