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Incorporating Biophilic Design with Kolbe Windows and Doors

Biophilic design is all about connecting people to nature. This type of design strategy allows us to bring the outdoors in, creating a natural flow between our homes and the great outdoors. Kolbe windows and doors provide the perfect foundation for incorporating biophilic design elements into your home. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways designers have incorporated biophilic design using Kolbe products:


One way to incorporate biophilic design elements into your home is to allow nature to take centre stage in the design of your space; for instance, this stunning CBN Enterprises Whistler home frames the expansive views as the focal point of this Master Bedroom. This establishes a brilliant connection between the space and the natural surroundings. These spatial conditions introduce an endless supply of life to the space, immersing you in the outdoors. The clean lines create a picturesque moment, mimicking the same inspiring feeling of a work of art (but still watching the seasons change from the comfort of your own bed).

CBN Residence, Whistler, Canada. Constructed by CBN Enterprises

Incorporating natural aspects can also occur in a direct sense where the plant life is physically within the space. Biophilic design can be found in a couple of different aspects of this home, but most significantly the use of this Ultra Series Garden Aire Sliding Door brings the back garden right into the living room! This simple, yet unique connection to the exterior space creates a sense of tranquillity and ease.

Garden Oasis, Seattle, USA. Designed by @jennyruegamerdesign, captured by @bujoustudios

An important note about biophilic design is that it encompasses all aspects of nature, not just greenery! Kolbe’s endless configuration options and availability for unique styles of openings allow you to fully embrace your natural surroundings, like this awing view of the ocean off Bowing Island, British Columbia! The VistaLuxe WD folding window placed over the kitchen wall creates an outdoor dining spot while bringing in the view, fresh air and greenery of the surroundings, while the out-swing French door makes the kitchen feel like it’s right on the water!

Trinca Architecture, Fyfefoto, Bowen Island Canada. Designed by @trincaarchitecture, built by MDM Solutions Contracting, photography by @fyfefoto & @loftymedia

Incorporating biophilic design into spaces is a great way to foster a connection between you and the natural surroundings of your space, while also promoting overall health and wellness within the home. Using Kolbe windows and doors creates the opportunity, not just to incorporate nature into your home, but to experience it at every opportunity!


Want to know more about working with the Kolbe Gallery by Finestra team? Contact us here to explore our full range of fully customizable window and door solutions.

Servicing Washington, Hawaii, British Columbia and Alberta.

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